Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorships are a great way to get involved and support the current year’s charity, along with the doctor’s that are dancing for it! Dancing with the Doctors has a variety of opportunities and if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Dee Soares at info@dwtdocs.com or 401.345.6520.

Event Sponsorships

Ballroom Sponsor – $25,000
Ballroom Sponsor will host the 2017 Dancing with the Doctor’s Gala, one of Rhode Island’s Premier Charity Events.

Gala Reception Sponsor – $15,000
Reception Sponsor will host the exclusive Reception, prior to the Gala. 

Media Sponsorship – $10,000
Sponsor’s name or logo will have prominent recognition on all event-related marketing materials and promotional collateral.

Dance Floor Sponsorship – $7,000
Sponsor name or logo will be featured on dance floor.

Multimedia Sponsorship – $5,000
Sponsor name or logo will appear at the beginning of photo albums and videos produced of the Gala.

Signature Drink Sponsorship – $5,000
Sponsor name or Logo on all VIP Reception and Gala napkins.

Dessert Sponsorship – $2,500 
Dessert will hold a Medallion with sponsor’s name or logo.

Trophy Sponsorship – $2,500
Sponsor has opportunity to present Mirror Ball Trophies to all winners.

Green Room Sponsorship – $2,500
Sponsor will host Green Room, which provides food and beverage for participating Doctors, during Gala.

Print Sponsorship – $1,000
Sponsor recognition on digital marketing materials.

Doctor Sponsorship – $500
Sponsor a Doctor of your choice.

Table Sponsorships

Diamond Waltz Sponsorship (1) – $3,500
VIP front row seating for 10 guests.

Platinum Cha-Cha Sponsorship (10) – $2,500
VIP front row seating for 10 guests.

Golden Foxtrot Sponsorship (7) – $2,000
Premium second row seating for 10 guests.

Silver Salsa Sponsorship (8) – $1,500
Second row seating for 10 guests.